Prayers and Patience

It’s the night before (technically it’s the wee hours of the morning of) the day that we return to work after 10 days off for Spring Break. With the stillness of the night comes a very subtle anxiety and the culmination of a few days that has seen me dreading this very moment. I should be asleep–I need to rest up so that I can return to a routine, but I also know that the quicker I fall asleep, the quicker tomorrow will actually be here. 


I don’t think that right now is the best time to say anything negative about my job. Because, honest to God, I am blessed to have one in this economy. And, by no means, do I hate my job. I’m actually quite fond of it. It’s just…unfulfilling, if you will. 

But I digress.

Add to it that there has been another opportunity present itself to our family, and I guess it’s just a bug gumbo of emotions and thoughts that I’m juggling at the moment. 

I pray for patience. I pray for guidance. I pray that God will lead us where He may. I pray for the ability to “let well enough alone,” and not to mention anything unless spoken to about it.

I thank Him for this and all opportunities that He brings. 

I pray…I pray…I pray…

No More Paci. No. More. Sleep.

You would’ve been hard pressed, ’til about 3 days ago, to find any pictures of our sweet boy with no pacifier in his mouth. And when the pediatrician asked at his 15 month Wellness Visit last week whether we had cut the cord (or pacifier clip), hubby and I bashfully just nodded our little fibs of “yes”, because it felt less like a lie that way, I guess. Tehnically, we were considering the process of weaning him off of the paci, but honestly? It was right over in the corner…in the side pocket of little man’s baby bag. Yikes! 
Another major takeaway from that appointment was “no more bottles”. Okay, sippy cups only. Got it. That task, we’d actually started months ago. We just didn’t realize that we were supposed to eliminate the bottle altogether by this point. Can you tell that we’re first-time parents? 
Had it not been for the giant molars sprouting in the back of his jaws, I’m more than positive that we would’ve been told “no more co-sleeping,” but I digress. 
So we resolved after that appointment–no more bottles, no more pacifier. Ha!
Call us bird-brained or softies, but we quickly realized that it was just too much, too soon. We cold-turkey quit/hid all of the paci’s. He didn’t seem to notice or mind. I was shocked in that regard, because in my head I’d already prepped for WWIII. For a baby who absolutely hated that thing as a newborn, he sure did find an attachment to it later on through infancy and just  beyond to toddlerhood. 

Okay, so paci (check!). He didn’t look for it and it wasn’t TOO much of a struggle to get him to nap without it…

I’ll come back to that one.

We cleaned and stored all of his bottles. Tried giving this child (almond) milk in a cup–he had one sip and then looked at us like we were psychos. Then he put the cup down and walked away. We tried again at a later time, and he looked at cup like it was psycho. One more shot? Yep, milk all over the floor. 

I think it’s safe to say that little man only enjoys the finer things in life, such as juices, inside of sippy cups. We couldn’t, so we decided to have one bottle a day. Just one. That’s weaning right? We couldn’t do the no bottle, teething, no paci thing. Too much too soon.

All seemed to be well, until night time. Ah. Getting little man to bed used to be so simple. We completely took it for granted. Bath. Bottle. Paci. Out. If he woke up crying–the pacifier solved it all. 

Bah humbug. No need to bore you with the details. Let’s just say–sleep regression-MAJOR. It’s like having a newborn again. Thankfully hubby is a “rock-a-bye-baby” pro, and within a few minutes we’ll have him back to sleep. But oh my gosh. Last night was the worst. Seriously considered just digging up the Soothie (pacifier) and giving it back to him. We prevailed over that temptation, but at the cost of so much lost sleep. Needless to say, we “slept in” as long as possible, and of course I woke up with a headache. 

Hoping and praying that “this too shall pass.”

Pacifier addiction is real, y’all.   


Transformation in Progress

I was absolutely dumbfounded by the reach of a simple #transformationtuesday post that I shared this week. Absolutely dumbfounded. I had NO IDEA that so many people would actually take the time to read my long winded post and even find it “inspiring”. Thank you GOD for using me as a vessel. I am certainly tuning into the fact that You want to use me. In what capacity though? Is it to bring healthier habits and happier lives to the women in my circle or my Facebook acquaintances? Is it just to be an example? Is it to step outside of my comfort zone and TEACH others how to do what You’ve helped me do? Ah, I really don’t know! But I’m listening; I hear You. I’m ready to follow your lead.

Kala Transformation Tuesday Photo


The caption read:

 We all start somewhere, and a healthy lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight. Sometimes we get distracted for weeks or months or years at a time. Other times we tell ourselves that we’re gonna recharge and start fresh on Sunday, but by Tuesday we’ve already fallen off again. Sometimes we have to start over 365 times, and it’s frustrating as heck. But it will be okay. You can do it. I’m living proof. We just have to take it one day at a time.

Sharing this picture is HARD. I almost don’t even recognize myself as that girl on the left anymore. I was heavier than I’ve ever been, and I kept trying to just accept it and make do with my maternity clothes because I didn’t want to buy “that size” jeans or shirt.

Everyone wrote it off as pregnancy gains, but deep in my heart, I knew that I’d ballooned well before my first prenatal visit. When all was said and done, I just wanted to keep on playing with my sweet little Traycen, even if I was ashamed to be photographed with him; I wanted to feel good about myself as a mom and a wife..but I didn’t.

Day-to-day, it seems like nothing changes, yet looking back—everything is different. I’m so grateful that something finally clicked and that I decided I didn’t need to accept this as my lifestyle anymore. I’m still not where I wanna be, but I’m happy, healthy, and in a few short months, I’ve changed my entire outlook on life. I didn’t do it alone, so I thank God, my support systems and my daily challengers and motivators.

This is not an “after” picture , because I’m still very much a work in progress.


So I’ve put myself out there once again, and this time I’m ready to help anyone who wants to achieve what I did 🙂

Loving regards,


Putting Ourselves Out There

Every family has a story to tell. Welcome to ours. You’ve reached our tiny, little corner of the interwebs. We are full-time working parents with an amazingly bright little boy. It’s scary to think that we’re starting this journey of transparency as a little family on the world wide web. It’s a daunting task–the whole creating a website, blogging and vlogging videos–thing. I think a lot of people may actually take it as a very self-centered attempt as publicity or pretty vain to even think that people would care about what we’re doing.

But that’s okay! This has been on our hearts for so long now, and with several failed attempts at fighting it, here we are. Maybe God only has plans for us to touch the lives of just one person–or one single family. If that is why we’re feeling called to put it all out there, then so-be-it. We can only hope that we use our platform in a way that edifies Him, while simultaneously holding us accountable for our thoughts and actions. We hope that this promotes self-growth and helps us to let go of pride. We hope that it’s therapeutic to ourselves and beneficial to society. That may be a tall task, but we are completely up for the challenge!

Stay tuned as we share our story. It may not be daily or even weekly, but it will be as life hands us situations and we feel compelled to share them. Follow us on Instagram, and be sure to check out our YouTube channel–like & subscribe if you’re remotely entertained and we’ll keep the videos coming. We thank you for taking the time to tune in!


Another weekend comes to an end in the Montgomery household. Traycen and Trey go on outside adventures, and later Mommy and Daddy’s conversation goes from the gym to the gas station to chicken & bananas?